The Clayton Doley Organ Experience...

In the summer of 2011, Clayton Doley landed in Toronto at the invitation of Harry Manx and quickly immersed himself in the vibrant local scene. He instantly met likeminded musicians that inspired him to form a group based on his first loveā€¦ the organ trio. Consisting of guitar, drums and Doley himself on the Hammond B3 organ and it's bass pedals, it's hard to believe that just three musicians on stage can put out such a big sound. As a child, Doley taught himself to play the bass pedals on his hammond at home while listening to the sounds of the incredible Jimmy Smith and Jack McDuff. He soon started doing organ trio shows as a teenager in his home town of Adelaide but when he moved to Sydney his bands got bigger and incorporated a bass player and a horn section so the bass pedals took a back seat.
With a new found enthusiasm for the bluesy jazz and soul organ trio sound of the '60, and amazing Toronto musicians to bounce ideas off, Doley is once again 'kicking the B3' with his new group The Clayton Doley Organ Experience. This is a high energy original show that will make you get up and dance, it has soulful vocal melodies with hooks that you can sing along to, as well as the explosion of mesmerising Hammond Organ virtuosity. DYNAMITE! 


Here is some footage from 2012

Smoke On The Water/Desperate Times

Here is some footage from 2017