Jackie Orszaczky...

The late Jackie Orszaczky was Clayton's biggest musical influence to date. Jackie mentored young Doley in his early twenties with an 'on the job' apprenticeship like no other. He threw Clayton in the 'deep end' with the incredible Jackie Orszaczky band, full of amazing older musicians. That was an amazing period of rapid growth and knowledge. "Thanks for having Faith in me Brother Jack."

This is a wonderful clip of Jackie recorded at one of the Tueday nights at the Rose Of Australia in Erskineville where he played every week for many years circa 1995 to 2005. Then he moved the Tuesdays to the Newtown RSL where it continued for a couple more years.

The bobbing silhouette of a head in front of Jackie is Clayton.
The song is 'People Say' by The Meters.

The Band changed often according to who was in town on any given tuesday but on this night the band was:-

Jackie Orszaczky - Vocals, Piccolo Bass
Arnne Hanna & Scott Leishman - Guitar
David Symes - Bass, Vocals
Hamish Stuart - Drums
John Stuart - Congas
Clayton Doley - Hammond Organ, Vocals
James Greening - Trombone
David Weir - Tenor Sax