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A band with Clayton's brother Lachlan. They put this project together for fun in 2002 with people from the Erskineville area in Sydney Australia when they were sharing a house there. They soon realised it was a unique and exciting thing they had going on and it decided to take it more seriously. Finding the time to work as The Hands has been a chalange as the Doley Brothers are very busy as session musicians but when they do get together the chemistry is amazing. The sibling rivalry is evident and pushes the boundaries of the performance at every show. The Doley Brothers are dedicated to vintage instruments and vintage recording techniques, using Hammond organ, Hohner clavinet, Mini Moog, and Mellotron to name a few of their intruments and an array of vintage microphones and tape machines to produce the fattest sounds possible for their albums. There are two albums released from The Hands of original music. 'Live and Breathe' released in 2004 and 'Everything Is Wonderful' releaded in 2008. Duelling vintage Keyboards, soulful pop songs, and a very energetic show.
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CD's are available from Waterfront Records.

In this video the band is:-

Clayton Doley - Organ, Vocals
Lachlan Doley - Clavinet, Vocals
James Haselwood - Bass
Dave Hibbard - Drums
Paula Baxter - Backing Vocals
Juanita Tippens - Backing Vocals

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Darling Harbour Jazz Festival
Byron Bay Blues Festival
Darling Harbor Jazz Festival
Byron Bay Blues Festival