Clayton Doley's Organ Donors...


Clayton Doley's Organ Donors are individually Australia's most respected soul musicians but together they are an unstoppable explosion of grooving psychedelic soundscapes. More that just an original take on the classic Hammond Organ combo of the 60's, they draw on the masters of yesteryear as if Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Smith were jamming together, but with a modern sensibility of groove and song structure. They effortlessly link between the tribal feel of Fela Kuti and the minimalism of Booker T. and the MG's, with the sound of a Blue Note recording.

The mighty Hammond organ along with it's spinning Leslie speaker is a powerful beast that is skillfully tamed and sensitively manipulated by Doley, it's depth of dynamics from quiet whispers to thunderous roars are used to full effect all over this album. In the blink of an eye rapid fire shedding turns to shimmering soundscapes of raw emotion and simple melodies speak directly to you, Doley is a truly exciting player. As a band leader, he has hand picked this group of fine Sydney musicians that not only suit and compliment each others style but best bring to life his original compositions.

The unique guitar stylings of Housden are reminiscent of the British Invasion guitar heros while also offering a supportive yet stinging counterpoint to the Hammond Organ. His sound is warm, round and encompassing, his solos are souring psychedelic rollercoaster rides, and his style and taste is impeccable. Doley and Housden obviously have a deep musical connection and a playful respect for each others abilities.

Haselwood on the Bass is rock solid. His tone is tight yet deep and warm and fuzzy. He chooses to play tastefully solid lines that compliment and support the songs rather that flashy runs. The amazing drumming of Hibbard is obvious from the get go, together he and Haselwood can lock into a groove of serious intensity or play against each other for tension and release. They are a powerful rhythm section that not only provides the foundation and support for Doley and Housden but an interaction that makes this group a 'band' in the true sense of the word.

You could be forgiven for thinking this album was a rare recording that had just been discovered from the volt of a long forgotten 60's independent record label. It is no mistake that it sounds like this, everything starting from the instruments played to the microphones and the tape machine are all vintage. Even the effects used when mixing such as spring reverb and tape flanging are vintage technology, only the musicians and the songs are contemporary. Each song is either a short arranged piece inspired by Booker T, or a jam band approach to the great jazz organists such as Brother Jack McDuff and Doctor Lonnie Smith. The one cover song on the album 'Return of the Prodigal Son' was actually the warm up song before the session started but in the end it made the final cut. From start to finish TENSION! is an exciting journey, sometimes mellow and sometimes frightening, but always interesting with many curves and bumps along the way. It's time to rediscover the sound of the Hammond / Guitar combo in all its glory with Clayton Doley's Organ Donors.  

You can purchace this album on CD and on high definition 180g vinyl from also available is the 7" single 'Booker Table'